Struggles of a person who wears Eye Glasses

As stated by Essilor , “It’s common misconception that people with 20/20 vision do not need to wear eyeglasses. Many of us think that only those with eye conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) should wear spectacles to help them see clearly and perform their daily tasks properly.

The truth is, we all need to wear eyeglasses. According to Essilor, “the world leader in vision solutions, over 20 million Filipinos are in need of vision correction while the rest need protection  from the sun, from harmful blue light and other environmental factors that may slowly damage our vision.

According to, “There are also some statistics to be included like the case that there are hidden among the 85 million people and the 7100 islands of the Philippines and estimated half a million people who are blind, and many more who are visually impaired to a lesser degree.”

By far, the leading cause of blindness among adults in the Philippines is cataract, accounting for around 400,000 cases. The treatment for cataract is simple and effective but is not readily available or affordable for those living in the rural areas.

Perhaps up to one hundred children lose their sight every week in the Philippines. Almost half of these cases are either treatable or preventable. Poor nutrition, measles, and premature birth are among the leading causes of preventable blindness in children. Early detection and treatment are the keys to saving the sight of these children.

But that is also one thing that we need to look out for in order to prevent the major problems to occur when we have poor eyesight and wear eye glasses.Some of us wears eye glasses just for fashion. A person who wears eyeglasses knows the feeling and the struggles of wearing it, some people see that it is easy to wear glasses but it is actually not.


Christian Angelo, a HRM student and lives at Malabon. He wears graded eyeglasses and he is also struggling of wearing it just like me and for him these eyeglasses is a big hindrance to nearly anything that he wants to do. He experienced heavy feeling when he got his glasses for the first time. New and clearer view of everything that he sees makes him uncomfortable at first but he need to endure it in order to prevent his vision to worsen.

” Nakakainis kasi laging dumudulas pag pinagpapawisan ako lalo na kapag PE o kaya mainit yung panahon”

For him it is really annoying to have eye glasses, there are some instances that when he’s sweating a lot and his eyes glasses starting to slide down his nose, he said that when he’s in his PE class where he can’t avoid getting  sweaty.


In terms of eating  he can’t eat or drink that is hot  like coffee and the main reason why is that, his eyeglasses gets foggy, he can’t focus on eating unless he removes his glasses which will give him limited clear vision.

There’s also a situation that when he enters an air-conditioned place and then he go out, his glasses surely goes foggy and he finds this really dangerous when getting off from a bus because your vision will be filled with fog.

” Kapag iniihipan ko yung kape, laging nag b-blurr yung salamin ko, basta kapag umuusok ung pagkain na mainit lumalabo, pati sa bus pagbumababa ako laging lumalabo dagdagan mo pa kapag umuulan”

      ouch.jpgThere are some activities that he wants to do that also makes his eye glasses a big hindrance.  Swimming is one of these, there are times that he and his family will go on a vacation and decided to go to swim but his main problem is that, his eyeglasses is making swimming a more difficult thing to deal with, he can’t see under water when he’s not wearing his glasses so according to what he had said, he removes hs glasses even though it is blurry underwater and it will result to his eyes to be hurt of the process. There’s also when he can’t watch while lying down side wards, his eye glasses gets in the way and makes his sight uneven. He also can’t play basketball easily because when he does, his eyeglasses says no and then his eyeglasses will fall that will lead to its death.

” Hindi ko maenjoy yung pag swimming kasi malabo sa ilalim kahit naka goggles at hindi din ako makapaglaro ng basketball kasi nalalaglag, delikado”

       salamen.jpgWhen the climate is bad, raining is one of his main problems, as an eyeglass wearer it is extremely difficult to see when your eyeglass is wet and foggy, yes you can remove your glasses but what will happen is that your vision will be blurry and you will never recognize anyone or anywhere unless you’re going to get close to it so that you’ll have a clearer vision.

Sometimes in movies, he can’t watch 3D movies because it needs 3D glasses so it is difficult to watch when you’re wearing 2 glasses at a time.

Looking for your eye-glass when you accidentally put it somewhere you can’t even remember is also one of the major problems that he is struggling to. Looking for something that you can’t even see clearly unless you got some help from others.

” Kapag nawawala yung salamin ko tapos hahanapin ko, tapos nakasabit lang pala sa damit ko, nakakainis kapag ganun eh kaya nagpapatulong nalang ako sa kapatid ko”

He does not have regrets because it is not because of computer or whatsoever that cause      his eyesight to be bad, he actually got his poor vision from his mom, hereditary situation,

14273344_1110161412354088_1196840379_oso he doesn’t have a choice but to accept it and he also can’t blame his mom for this.

Regardless of these struggles and annoying things that his eyeglasses give him, it is not a hindrance to continue, he still love his course and will keep going and deal with the path of his dream along with his annoying eyeglasses.

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